dear food and cooking lovers

Welcome to a new experience in live cooking lessons

In this hands-on virtual cooking class, you will prepare a three-course traditional Argentine meal.

From your own kitchen, you will learn our contemporary way of making our most traditional dishes.

It will be fun and straightforward. And while the dishes are being cooked, there will be time to interact, to know a bit each other,

to share with you cooking tips and tricks and, last but not least, to talk about our country and culture.

It will be a relaxed, enjoyable, and memorable experience.  

A good company and a good Argentine Malbec will make it almost heavenly.


  1. Book an online cooking class. 

  2. After saving the date, you’ll receive in advance the recipes in US measurements with clear directions so that you can recreate the dishes time and again. Ingredients will be easily available and needed cooking tools very basic (you’ll receive a detail of them).

  3. Cost of the class for up to 2 screens (you can join it with some acquaintances). Cost per additional screen U$S 25.-.


full argentine menu

Ribeye steak, roasted in chimichurri
Beef empanadas
Dulce de leche and ron ice cream


beef empanadas & chimichurriu

Beef empanadas


intensive empanadas class & dessert

Beef empanadas
Humita (corn) empanadas
Dulce de leche and ron ice cream

Thank you for holding us safe in your care as we hold you safe in our hearts.


Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Email: info@elartedeamasar.com