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Meet the chef

meet the chef

Born in 1955, in a small town in the Pampas, Saul was raised in rural Argentina, developing a devotion to farming, writing, and cooking. His dad was a jewish german who had escaped the second war and became a rancher, and her mother an avocational writer, great cook, and great host.

He left home at age 17 and traveled to Africa, Middle east, and Europe to live with hippies in communities and sleep in strangers’ barns. After earning a living from carpentry, spraying, and growing algae, he returned to Argentina and became an economist.

His love for the countryside, however, led him to manage a big ranch for more than 15 years, where he deepened his contact with the gauchos, native food, and their traditions.

Saul Gerson Argentine cooking lessons co

In 1991 he dropped a high-profile job as economist to search for meaning and growth. He spent some years in a spiritual seeking both in India and the United States, an experience from which he emerged as an advocate of gaucho values: the love of nature, honesty, hospitality, generosity, openness, and simplicity.

In 2005 he gave up is career as economist and devoted his life to do what he really loves: cooking. And dancing tango as his second great passion…

He studied cooking techniques intensely for a few year and in 2010 created El Arte de Amasar, a small cooking school where, as a full-time activity, he gives classes to locals in international cuisine and to foreigner in traditional and contemporary argentine cuisine.

Classes that became memorable experiences: the preparations of each dish, starting from scratch, is followed by a shared meal paired with good wine, plus juicy talks of cooking techniques, art, politics, family, what it comes. Like among old friends.

In recognition of his love and dedication, the culinary experiences he offers obtained during the last 5 years the “Trip Advisor certificate of excellence” and are also among the 3 best "Courses and Workshops" to be held in Buenos Aires.


In today's circumstances, he is developing a new exciting challenge: to give interactive online classes to clients from all over the world in order to bring to their own homes the knowledge to prepare an exquisite Argentine menu, plus brushstrokes of his culture and his own so interesting life.

Argentine Cooking Lessons by Saul Gerson El Arte de Amasar TripAdvisor Excellente reviews private online classes

Dancing, Dinner & Dessert!

— Shelly, from Texas

Cooking a la Argentine with Saul

— Lisa and Mark, from USA

Delightful cooking class with genuinely warm teacher

— Sandy, from USA

We loved this so much, we did it twice!!!!

— Barbara, from New Jersey

more than 500 excellent reviews on TripAdvisor!

teached more than 2000 private classes

Certificate of Excellence on Tripadvisor

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cook like an argentine!

Are you visiting Argentina soon?

Private and customized argentine cooking classes in either local or international cuisine. Classes will be given in a beautiful, cozy and relaxing ambiance. They last about 4 hours and include a testing meal accompanied with good local wine. 

You can also enjoy a one hour tango class given by renowned professionals.  

You will learn, you will enjoy and you will retain this experience as a great reminder of your stay in Buenos Aires!

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