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When Saul was a kid, he loved to see his mom knead knishes, how she stretched the dough, how she managed to make it fit so thin. She told him that her mother had said to her that the mixture must be so light that an old love letter could be read through it. Today, he is happy doing what he loves to do: cooking and giving cooking lessons to locals and foreigners. According to our community, Saul's is among the best "Lessons and Workshops" to do in Buenos Aires. Simple and yet involved, he chose to look for happiness where he knew he would find it: with an apron and dough, putting together classes. 



A typical argentinian meal that’s bold on taste, light on calories

make your own 

You choose your favorite diet, we’ll teach you how to assemble a devine menu


Enjoy two quintessential Buenos Aires experiences in one day and benefit from the personal touch of a private tour.



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